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Dan 2

Dan Kenyon

Managing Director / Wannabe Golfer

Football Team: Manchester United. 

Favourite Films: Gladiator, Snatch & The Bodyguard. 

Best Food: Chocolate, White Chocolate, Flavoured Chocolate. 

Most Inspirational Quote: Leave the past, Engage the present, Create the future.

“I love my job and the great team we have created here at Motion HQ! We are a small yet successful company who pride ourselves in caring greatly for our customers & the bespoke service we provide for them time & time again. Exciting moments ahead, watch this space.”
Iain 3

Iain Thompson

Office Manager / The Quiet One

Football Team: Liverpool FC. 

Favourite Films: Anchorman, Goodfellas, Life of Brian & Home Alone.

Best Drinks: Vimto, Coffee, Black Russians.

Most Inspirational Quote: Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.

“28 years in the sign and print industry. Every day is different. Every day a new challenge. Motion Graphix is a relatively young company with old experienced minds at the helm. Quality and consistency are what we are looking for. What’s not to love about that!”
Paul 3

Paul Garton

Commercial Director / Clean Shoe Enthusiast

Football Team: Liverpool FC

Favourite Films: Wolf of Wall Street, Jerry Maguire & White Men Can't Jump.

Best Food: Pan Asian.

Most Inspirational Quote: Nobody cares how busy you’ve been, your next customer is just as important as your last.

“30 years in business and I'm still learning every day, never becoming complacent is the key to always getting the job done to the highest standard. My main focus is delivering an exceptional customer experience, whether you are ordering a small sign or a total rebrand your business is extremely important to myself & the team.”
Berni Test 2 1

Bernard Huso

Fabrication Department / Online Shopping Expert

Best Sport: Table Tennis.

Breakfast of Choice: Cornflakes, Milk & Honey.

Favourite Films: Pulp Fiction, The Godfather & American Beauty.

Most Inspirational Quote: Don’t die before you die.

“18 years experience in the sign making industry, feels like i only started yesterday. When you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work! Motion Graphix share my passion for creative signage & I look forward to exciting times ahead with a great team.”
Malc 3

Malcolm Smith

Transport & Deliveries / Yoda Lookalike

Football Team: Manchester United.

Favourite Films: The Impossible, Taken & Veronica Guerin.

Guilty Pleasure: Pudding (Hollands) Chips & Plenty of Gravy.

Most Inspirational Quote: Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.

“I am the best all rounder since Freddie Flintoff & Phil Neville! I look forward to coming into work each & every day, we may be a small company but our drive & work ethic will see us achieve great things as a business & all the wonderful clients we are lucky enough to have connected to it.”
Tom 4

Tom Donnelly

Install Team / Clean Freak

Football Team: Everton FC.

Favourite Films: 300, Zombieland, 13 Hours, Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.

Best Food: Italian.

Most Inspirational Quote: What you put into life is what you get out of it.

“I have been working in the signage trade for 7 years now and still love each & every day, the key to me constantly improving my skillset is the genuine passion for what I do. We are more of a family here than just a team & I like to think that comes across to our clients in their projects!"
Joe 17

Joe Hughes

Lead Installer / The Wise One

Football Team: Everton FC.

Favourite Films: Goodfellas, Sci-Fi & Car Shows.

Best Food: Loves a good Chinese.

Most Inspirational Quote: Live, laugh, love & be happy.

“28th year in the signage game, still love a good challenge & the fact that each day is completely different from the last. We are constantly pushing the boundaries & striving to be the best we can be as individuals but more importantly as a team. Here is to another 28.....ish!”

Tom Bennett

Install Apprentice / Trainee Pilot

Favourite Team: Baltimore Ravens Babyyy

Favourite Films: Airplane, Police Academy, Blues Brothers, Star Wars & Cars.

Best Food: Cannot go wrong with a meat feast pizza!

Most Inspirational Quote: If you don't believe in yourself why is anyone else going to believe in you?

"After years of working in aviation for the countries leading airlines, I felt like the options to progress were limited. I came over to Motion to pursue a new challenge where I am able to work with great people day in day out & get some proper graft in whilst having a laugh along the way. That is exactly what I have got!"

Sofie Saar

Head Designer / Always Cold

After Work: Hard day? 10K run. Nice Day? Yoga. Long week? Dance all night.

Favourite Films: The Smoke - Wayne Wang, Waking Life

Favourite Dessert: Cheesecake

Most Inspirational Quote: Life can be amazing, when you are the right kind of weird.

Play is the work of the child — the ideal job is the perfect playground of an adult.

Rachel Higgins

Social Media Guru / The Newbie

Hobbies: Retro Gamer, Artist, Petrolhead & Simpsons Enthusiast.

Favourite Films: Fight Club, Kill Bill Vol 1&2, Pulp Fiction & Goodfellas.

Best Food: Anything Meat Free.

Most Inspirational Quote: If everything seems under control, your not going fast enough.

"I’m thrilled to be part of the great team here at Motion HQ, the variety of work we design & produce is truly inspiring & so vastly different from one day to the next! I’m excited to get stuck in, get creative and help the company flourish via the power of Social Media. When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life."

Motion Graphix as always were an absolute pleasure to deal with, they were in control of a complex project from start to finish, achieving what we were told by our client was in their own words "an impossible deadline".

* * * * *
Stephen Gibson, Signage Director, CDP Print Management
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